How to tickle a mole without causing a scar?

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How to tickle a mole without causing a scar?

Scars caused by mole ablation. They can both pitted scars and raised scars. They usually caused by cauterization using the wrong method or cauterizing with a laser that was too deep. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Same black spot. But the lasers chosen are not the same.

There are many types of dark spots and dark spots on the face. Some types, such as sunburn and chlamydia, will use a laser to destroy the pigment, namely a Picosecond laser or a Q-switched laser, to cause the scabs to scab and fall off. But some types have deep or thick lesions that are necessary. Carbondioxide (CO2 laser) must use to remove the lesions, such as moles, flecks, freckles, skin tags, etc. 

Is it easy to poke, It difficult poke, or does it have done many times? Depends on the type of lesion

  • Easy to tickle 1-2 times and it will disappear completely.

Superficial lesions. It looks like it’s stuck on the epidermis. Which is a lump (brown to black in color, the surface looks rough, raised from the surface, and gradually increases in size with increasing age. Commonly found in elderly people) Skin tags (will raise from the surface of the skin. There is a small stem and a lump at the end) using cauterization.

Or use a shallow poke. Not reaching the dermis layer There is very little chance of scarring. It is recommend to tickle it early on. Because the wound after the laser will be small The chance of scarring, redness, and blackness is less than with cauterization when the size is large.

Milia – round, white, but covered with a thin layer of skin. similar to clogged pores. Many people therefore understand. That it is a clogged acne. That can cauterized or pressed out.

There are many ways to get rid of moles. How to choose?

There are several ways to get rid of moles:

  • Cauterization with a carbon dioxide laser (CO2 Laser) 
  • Cutting and sewing (excision)
  • Electrical cauterization (electrosurgery) – not popular nowadays
  • Cold cauterization (Liquid nitrogen)   – not popular nowadays

Hijacking is not recommend. and often causes scars Especially keloid scars. It usually occurs when hijacked by a non-medical person, such as at a beauty salon or flea market.

  • Tickle with heat using incense sticks.
  • tickle with medicine which is often acidic or strong lye. It will destroy more skin than the area that needs to be treated.

The most widely used method is to use Carbon dioxide laser (CO2 Laser) is a machine that generates high heat. Causing the solid to sublimate into vapor. by a beam of carbon dioxide laser It is very small, making it possible to remove unwanted tissue thoroughly and precisely. Which can be used to get rid of moles, flecks, freckles, enlarged sebaceous glands, pimples, etc. Suitable for small to medium sized lesions.

Techniques for removing moles Don’t cause a scar.

Technique for removing moles with carbon dioxide laser that does not leave scars requires

1. The doctor’s experience is important. Because you have to know the depth at which the laser should stop. To avoid scarring and holes

2. It should be done slowly. If it’s done too deep at one time, there’s a chance it will cause a scar.

3. Consistent hand movement, do not shoot in one spot for too long. and a good power setting because the carbon dioxide laser emits energy all the time if fired at a single point. or unable to move your hand in time make the tickle too deep It can cause scars and holes.

4. Good laser machine The machine is also important. Because the efficiency and power of each brand will vary. Machine with good performance The chance of scarring, dark spots, and redness will be less.