Benefits of egg yolk on body fat.

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Egg yolk contains lecithin. which has the ability to break down fat into small particles thus making it easier for our bodies to digest fat. And egg yolks also prevent the adhesion of fat on the artery walls. Helps reduce the risk of fat clogging. It also helps nourish the brain. And the nervous system as well. Want to be smart or when you use your brain to work hard? Don’t forget to eat the yolk as well.

Amount of egg yolks that should be eaten

In fact, we can eat egg yolks safely. have balance in the body By eating the whole egg, both the yolk and the egg white together. There is no need to separate the yolks. Or egg whites come out separately. Therefore, you can eat 1 bubble per day comfortably. And if the complete formula Eggs should be eaten with other foods. For example, with vegetables. In order to get the nutrient value in each meal, complete all 5 groups UFABET

Precautions when eating egg yolks

For the elderly Or anyone who has problems with high blood pressure, diabetes , high blood fat, kidney disease or other congenital disease. Associated with cholesterol, phosphorus, should eat no more than 3-4 eggs (including yolk) per week. or maybe less Consult your personal physician before taking it.