Aaron Ramsdale pointed out that if Manchester City gets a penalty shoot, it must.

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Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has point out that if Manchester City’s rhythm is a penalty. His team’s cadence should also be a penalty as Pep Guardiola’s side won 2-1 in the English Premier League on Saturday night.

         Games at the emirates. The stadium is the “artillery” leading from Bukayo Saka in the 31st minute. Before Martin Odegaard enter the penalty area on the right before escaping Ederson and fell down. But refer Stuart Attwell let the play continue. With the Czech VAR not taking a penalty UFABET.

         However, in the second half there was a moment when Bernardo Silva’s clash with Granit Xhaka fell into the host’s frame. Despite being calm at first. But after the Czech VAR pointed the penalty before Riyad Mahrez equalized. And in injury time Rodri broke the winner to allow the “Sailboat” to take the three points back to the nest.

         “I think it was both penalties. It was inconsistent with going to the screen. The referee probably cuts it off immediately upon viewing it.” Aaron Ramsdale told BT Sport. “but it is true that he went to see it.”

         “In real time, he said it was not a penalty. but was told to go see it it’s too light for me But he was told to watch and give the penalty.”

         “I was on the other side of the pitch shouting it was a penalty, the goalkeeper stepped out on foot and went up to him or touched the ball. Bernardo’s part he hurriedly got up and got it. A penalty is a penalty. But for us it’s been looked at on the screen.”

         “Both penalties I don’t know why the referee told me to go see one ball and not the other. It makes sense, go and look at it, it’s not consistent.