Frank Lampard warns Toffees not to relax even after leaving the zone.

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Everton boss Frank Lampard insists the team must expect the worst in their escape from relegation. Even now the football team can get out of the danger zone.

The win over Leicester saw them collect 10 points from five games. Push the Toffees out of the relegation zone and moving up to 16th. One point ahead of Burnley and Leeds United by a small number of matches.

Their next game will be away at relegated Watford. UFABET But Lampard has stressed that they cannot underestimate their opponents or think they don’t take it anymore.

“It’s our only message. It’s as much fun as we’ll have on the weekend. It was a game that got us out of the relegation zone with four games left. But it’s dangerous to relax that.” Frank Lampard said.

“As far as we can talk to the fans. We as players and staff, the only message is that we have to go on now. And finish work which is a difficult task.”

“We have to expect the worst. Other teams have a chance to win. But we can control ourselves. So there is absolutely no way we can relax. That’s the biggest message.”

“To ignore it because Watford are already relegated is our biggest danger.”

“Every Premier League game is dangerous. especially when you have to travel to visit. The minute you think you’re okay It’s dangerous.”