Grealish is happy the cost of 100 million years is cool, not pressure.

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Grealish is happy the cost of 100 million years is cool, not pressure.

Manchester City midfielder Jack Grealish shrugged his shoulders at the most expensive transfer in UK trading history. Ready to see it as a positive thing that there are people who believe in their footsteps to dare to throw that much to pull the event Rather than bring it as pressure until the results are spoiled.

The 25- year-old, whose contract was sacked from Aston Villa for a fee of £ 100 million, made his debut in front of fans at the Etihad Stadium yesterday in a warm atmosphere.  

“ I consider being the most expensive player in history to be an admiration, ” Grealishreplied with a sly smile.  

“ It’s not really a low number. That means a lot to me because I see the club dared to invest that much to bring us in.

“ No pressure on passive prices. It shows that Manchester City and manager . The team gives me the high life . “

“ I like it, it’s good that we have a price tag on it. Because when you see clubs pay that much for a player. That means they trust you. and the potential to work together. ”

“ I only see good things. Hopefully I can repay this club by winning the league and winning the trophy. That’s all we need. 

The Champions League is another thing that has moved Jack to the Etihad Stadium.  

” I learned to 2-3 times that I wanted to play Bush years . How many hardly wait to hear the theme song before the race anymore ,” Green Leachadded.