Jurgen Klopp reveals why Zoboszlai

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Jurgen Klopp reveals why he spent £60m on Zoboszlai

• Liverpool’s newest signing, £60 million. Dominic Soboszlai played for 2 years at RB Leipzig, then moved to Anfield. Jurgen Klopp insists he caught the eye. Kick when he was at Red Bull Salzburg.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed the reason. Why he paid a huge £60 million to buy Dominic Zoboszlai from RB Leipzig was. Because the player had good eyes on him. Many points and it is important to be able to be the future of the Reds in the long run. from being only 22 now

Soboszlai has enjoyed outstanding form for RB Leipzig over the past two seasons, scoring 20 goals in 91 games, and was also appointed captain of the Hungarian national team at just 22 years of age.

Klopp welcomed the new members at Anfield following Alexis Mac Allister from Brighton:

“First and foremost for me. Well, I have to say welcome him to Liverpool. I know how excited he is to be with us. It was very important that he understands that we are all excited to have him with us.”

“We know a little bit about Dominic as a competitor. Because we had two really tough games against Red Bull Salzburg when he played there. And I think anyone who’s ever watched these games would realize instantly even then. that he has a very promising future.”

“I’m pretty sure he was very young Zoboszlai back then. And later he went through a crucial move to Leipzig and also performed very well in the Bundesliga. plays for the Hungarian national team and after that became captain of the national team at an unbelievably young age.”

“There are a lot of good things and these things happen.

Before we even think about the qualities in him as a footballer. I won’t say much about them at this stage. Unless they are the ones that are hoped to bring enjoyment. and good results many to give to us.”

“Dominic is still very young. He has many developments ahead. And that means it makes sense for all of us to be patient. and dedicated his time And enough space for him to unleash his talents within our team.”

“The good thing is we have supporters who understand the process, I know the fans are just as excited as we are but I am aware of that as well. because I have seen it many times That they will help us a lot in terms of creating the conditions for Dominic to grow to his full potential.”

“Out of the many clubs he’s been at. the league he played in and the family he used to part of It was clear that he was a highly educated footballer. So now it’s our responsibility to give him further education as part of the Liverpool family. Thanks to everyone at the club who helped make it happen. This is a contract for our present and future.” He told สมัคร ufabet